The Gianyar province covers a corridor of land which stretches from Bali’s east coast, inland to Ubud. This area relies less on the tourist dollar, and more on industry profits. Gianyar village and its surrounds are home to many large factories that produce fabrics, as well as a famous night market specializing in authentic Indonesian cuisine.

Unlike many cities in Bali, the government in Gianyar province has strict sanctions on new condominiums and hotels being built. As a result, the area is home to local entrepreneurs and there’s a chance that the Balinese life will be preserved for future generations. This makes the area perfect for travelers who want to go off-the-beaten-path.

The Gianyar night market is known to have some of the best food in Bali and is sold from temporary stalls that pop-up each evening. The market also has handmade crafts, souvenirs, and clothing for sale - usually for a negotiable price. The cooking is truly mouthwatering and will expand your culinary knowledge of Indonesian food much beyond the iconic nasi goreng (Indonesian fried rice). Visitors to the night market can stroll, browse, and sample a variety of dishes thanks to the affordable pricing. A large group can take full advantage of the market by purchasing and sharing a wide variety of meals.

From Ubud, the night market can be reached in just 20 minutes via taxi – drivers will often wait for their passengers and provide a return service. The market is one of the main evening events for visitors staying in the Ubud area. The market and the surrounding area can be quite chaotic during peak hours of operation. Scooters line the side of the road near the market and traffic can get quite backed up.

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