Balinese Culinary Experience

Balinese Culinary Experience

Discover the flavors of Bali with this immersive tour that’s part cultural exchange, part culinary delight. You’ll learn about the origins behind some of Bali, Indonesia’s most popular dishes; how local horticulture and agriculture influences cuisine; and how tradition merges with modern cooking techniques. The best part? Since you’ll be creating these dishes, you’ll be able to conjure up ‘a taste of Bali’ whenever the mood strikes, back home. Yes, you will get to sample the fruits of your labor.

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8 hrs
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The island of Bali, Indonesia is a veritable paradise for many reasons — pristine white-sand beaches, crystal clear aquamarine-colored waters, emerald green rice terraces… However, if you never get past the region’s surface beauty, you’ll miss out on its culture and tradition. Mountaintop and oceanside temples grace the landscape. Spiritual leaders are open to blessing foreigners and teaching them about the intimate, sacred details of their culture. Friendly faces will get to recognize you as you become a familiar face on morning strolls, at restaurants, and shops. The reason Bali is so beautiful may just be because it is so authentic.

A maximum of 8 people will be able to enjoy this experience where taste and tradition merge. The delicious meal you enjoy will be all the more gratifying as you prepare it yourself under the guidance of an expert chef. Learn a bit about Bali’s history and culture through the ingredients and dishes prepared; realize that every food has a story, a meaning, and a regional importance.

07:30 a.m. - 08:00 a.m. Pick up the day’s group from various locations in Nusa Dua and Tanjung Benoa.

08:00 a.m. - 08:30 a.m. Your adventure gets off to a delicious start when you spend your morning enjoying traditional Balinese pastries and sweets including black rice pudding, cakes, fruits, and rice flour dumplings in palm sugar coconut sauce. After you’ve had a moment to get acquainted with your group and learn about Balinese cuisine whilst treating yourself, your adventure begins.

08:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. You and your group will don black and white aprons as your course begins with an introduction to Balinese spices. Next, you will move on to preparing 12 dishes — minimum. There will be something for every taste, and more importantly, you will have an assortment of dishes to recreate at home — appropriate for any meal or occasion. You can anticipate learning about and/or making a selection of the following dishes:

  • 'Base be Pasih' or Spice Paste for Seafood

  • 'Pesan be Pasih' or Minced Seafood grilled in Banana Leaf

  • 'Sate Lilit' or Minced Seafood Satay

  • 'Sate Ayam, Babi, Tempe' or Chicken, Pork, and Soybean Cake Satay

  • 'Siap Kalas' or Chicken in Spiced Coconut Turmeric Sauce

  • 'Be Celeng Base Manis' or Pork in Sweet Soy Sauce

  • 'Tum Bebek' or Minced Duck in Banana Leaf

  • 'Sambel Matah' or Shallot Lemongrass Dressing

  • 'Ayam Sembel Matah' or Chicken in Shallot Lemongrass Dressing

  • 'Sauce Kacung' or Peanut Sauce

  • 'Pecelan' or Vegetable Salad in Peanut Dressing

  • 'Nasi Goreng' or Fried Rice

  • 'Jajan Ijen' or Steamed Black Rice with Coconut and Palm Sugar

  • 'Pisang Goreng' or Fried Bananas

12:00 p.m. Lunch! Time to enjoy the fruits of your labor when you indulge in a sumptuous lunch featuring a healthy and delicious assortment of food on the menu.

14:00 p.m. A celebration of newly certified and qualified Balinese Master Chefs.

This delicious adventure will give you a literal taste of culture in Bali, Indonesia. It’s also very popular, so be sure to add it to your full Indonesia itinerary today! Your next getaway is even better when you let your Anywhere Local Expert manage all of your tours, accommodations, and transportation. Paradise is getting to explore the island of Bali without having to stress over travel logistics.

What to Bring

Comfortable shoes and money for tips.

What's included

Transport by private vehicle, guide, cooking class, lunch.


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