Brahman Blessing & Green Lungs of Bali

Brahman Blessing & Green Lungs of Bali

It’s hard to sum up an ‘authentic Balinese experience’ in the span of one tour, but this adventure comes pretty close. Enjoy Balinese hospitality, cultural exchange, religious practices, an ancient temple, exploring breathtaking scenery, and healthy cuisine, all in one incredible tour! An outdoor excursion combined with introspection; feeding your soul and your body? If that’s not the total package, then we don’t know what is.

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Occupying 15 percent (15%) of the island of Bali, the regency of Tabanan is known for many things, the most prominenet of which may be its wide open spaces. Home to breathtaking tea plantations ‘Bali’s green lungs’, formally known as ‘Jati Luwith’, the region is offers an authentic look at what it means to live the quiet country life in Bali — a far cry from the sandy beaches and surfboards found on the shore. Visit the greener side of Bali and discover why Ireland isn’t the world’s only emerald isle.

In The Spirit of Hospitality

Adventure isn’t the only thing awaiting you on your next vacation; peace and tranquility are available to you if you are willing to remain open to new experiences. Take part in a cultural exchange that teaches you about the spirituality of another land when you take part in a religious ceremony. Your experience begins when you spend a pleasant morning enjoying the hospitality of a ‘mangku’, a Balinese Hindu priest, and his wife. Savor a fresh cup of coffee as he teaches you about the island’s brand of religion, philosophy, and approaching life, while his gracious wife prepares ceremonial outfits for you.

Dressed in your sacred garments, you will now enjoy the privilege of entering a 14th-centurary Batukaru temple where a ceremony will take place. You will be praticipating in this ceremony with locals of the island, so it is indeed a truly authentic spiritual experience. Please show due reverence as you are taught how to conduct yourself and properly perform each portion of this ceremony — including how to make offerings, what to do when the blessing is bestowed upon you, and the appropriate gestures. Leeway is granted due to the fact that this ceremony is not a part of your everyday life as it is for the people of Bali — all the more reason to show sincerity and gratitude during your participation.

A Feast for The Eyes and Body

Having fed your mind and spirit, it’s now time to enjoy some adventure and a good meal! You will be taken to Jati Luwith (Bali’s green lungs) where 1,483 acres (600 ha) of verdant rice paddies grace the landscape. Although they sound so simple, well-organized rice terraces are beautiful to behold, and there is something uniquely soothing about the way the quiet fields are lush and full of life-giving grains. Spend two glorious hours (120-minutes) exploring the area on an electric bike. Don’t worry about working up an appetite, after your tour on wheels, you’ll tuck into a nice lunch served at a restaurant in the heart of the rice fields.

Explore Bali’s spiritual and rural side when you book the Brahman Blessing and Green Lungs of Bali tour. Make your getaway in Indonesia even more rapturous when you allow your Anywhere Local Expert to manage all of the tours, accommodations, and transportation associated with your vacation. Spend more time healing from the pressures of everyday life, and less time enduring the same old everyday stress. Inhale, exhale, on the island of Bali, Indonesia.

Attractions Visited

Jatiluwih Rice Paddies

The name Jatiluwih translates to “truly special.” This UNESCO World Heritage Site more than lives up to its name, and has some of the best view of rice paddy-covered slopes in Bali. Over 1,482 acres (600 ha) of picturesque green terraces slope gently along the plateau of Gunung Batukaru at an altitude of 2,296 feet (700 m) above sea level. Jatiluwih offers opportunities for breathtaking photos, outdoor recreation, and a quiet respite from the bustle of the southern areas. It’s about 2 hours north of Denpasar, in the Penebel district of central Bali’s Tabanan Regency.

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Tanah Lot

This popular religious landmark is built on a giant rock in the ocean about 984 feet (300 m) offshore and is Bali’s most famous, and certainly most photographed, Hindu temple. If you can navigate your way through busloads of tourists and an army of hawker stands, you’ll be treated to iconic sunset photos. Tanah Lot is 12.4 miles (20 kms) northwest of Denpasar, in the Beraban village of the Tabanan Regency. One of seven sea temples along the Bali coast, it was originally constructed in the 16th century but has seen significant restoration in recent times. The temple can be reached via the bridge at low tide, but inside access is not permitted to non-Hindu visitors.

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What's included

All entrance fees and tickets, transportation, and English speaking guide. The services of local priests, rental of ceremonial garments, and offerings prepared for the temple. Electric bikes and lunch in the local restaurant.


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