Threads of Life Introductory Textile Tour

Threads of Life Introductory Textile Tour

Get a one of a kind TK (tchotchke) from your vacation in Bali, Indonesia. This exciting tour will teach you all about the artisinal skill that goes into creating Ubud's local textiles. Not only will you come away with a useful (and extremely) beautiful memento, you'll also be supporting the local economy and female entrepeneurs. Way to practice sustainable travel!

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When you feel beautiful fabric slide through your hands, do you have any idea how much time and effort actually goes into making it? Even if you sew, you may not realize that although you purchase finished fabric by the yard or by the bolt, it has been woven from individual threads. Fabric weaving is both a labor of love, and a task requiring immense skill. Before you book this tour, admire the colours and sights in Ubud. Master craftswomen draw their inspiration directly from nature — both in terms of pattern and dye. So, don't be surprised if you notice a print that looks just like a favorite tree or bears the color of a delicious fruit.

What can you expect on this artistic adventure?...

Taking place within the Ubud's central area, you will be welcomed to a center known as 'Threads of Life.' During the course of this tour, you will not only see, but learn about the painstaking process that goes into creating some of Indonesia's coveted batiks and ikats. From weaving on a loom to hand dying these individually made textiles using local plants and fruits, you will never look at fabric the same way again.

Though not the intention of this tour, hopefully, witnessing this process up-close will give you a deeper understanding of just how much human time and effort goes into creating the clothing we wear. It will also clarify why so many people are beginning to vehemently oppose fast fashion. Watching the incredbily skilled hands of these ladies in action, will leave no question in your mind that they deserve a great deal of respect — and certainly, a living wage.

Part shop, part museum, and part atelier, you will enjoy a lecture from a member of the staff. You will also have the opportunity to converse with some of the artisans one on one. The curators onsite are the very same ladies who are gracious enough to give demonstrations of their talents. They love answering questions about their artistry, particularly as their knowledge risks being lost in the noise of the modern world.

Bonus? The women of Threads of Life tend to come from the rural areas of Eastern Bali, such as Nusa Penida, Sidemen, and Seraya — so you will be exposed to a variety of Balinesian culture in one humble tour. It's not uncommon for many of the fabrics you'll see to have a cultural significane specific to the region the artisan comes from. Come back with a beautiful memento, amazing travel story, and a new respect for the world of slow fashion and fair trade when you book this colourful and educational tour.


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