Sale and Popa Tour

Sale and Popa Tour

This all-day tour takes you to see the fascinating culture and history of the central river valley. You’ll see one of the oldest monasteries in the country and experience traditional shopping experiences that you can only find in Myanmar.

Featured in:Historic
8 hrs
Available Days:
Every day
8:00 AM
Hotel Transport Included
Mobile Ticket Included
Offered in English,Burmese

This tour begins with a 1.5-hour drive from Bagan to the historic town of Sale. On the way, you’ll see pumpjacks—aka “nodding donkeys”—pumping oil from the riverbank. You’ll also stop in the town of Chaulk to see its busy marketplace. In Sale, you’ll visit Yokesone Monastery, the oldest wooden monastery in Myanmar. 154 teak posts support its elaborately carved wooden walls.

Next, you’ll set out on a 2-hour drive to Popa. This drive takes you past endless fields of palmyra palms. You’ll stop at a palm tree farm to see how locals make a type of palm sugar called jaggery. Once you arrive in Popa, you’ll get to climb a staircase to carved into rock to reach the top of Mount Popa. Here you'll see shrines to the nats, Myanmar’s ancient nature spirits that predate Buddhism. The staircase takes you past lots of vendors selling food and herbal medicine. Once it’s almost sunset, you’ll begin your return drive to Bagan.

What to Bring

Sunglasses, sunscreen, hat, light clothes, bug spray, and comfortable shoes that are easy to take on and off. If you come from December to January, bring a sweater.

What's included

Transportation and a guided tour.


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