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3 hrs
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Coffee Cupping Tour PhotoCoffee Cupping Tour Photo

Have you ever wondered where you coffee comes from? Or maybe how it’s grown? If so, this is the tour for you. During this tour, you’ll explore the Río Crystal Coffee Farm and learn about the entire coffee process, from bean to cup.

The Río Crystal Coffee Farm is part of the Boquete Tree Trek Resort. This hotel and its property are set in the highlands above Boquete at an elevation of 5,600 feet (1,700 m)—the climate here is ideal for growing coffee.

After arriving at the farm, a guide will lead you through the plantation and explain the different varieties of coffee. You’ll learn how the nut, fruit and flower flavors are developed in various beans. You’ll cover the ways that roasting and processing affect the final taste. And most importantly, you’ll learn to recognize good coffee! You can sample up to eight varieties before choosing a type to sip on.

This tour is offered at 8:00 a.m. and 1:00 pm. It lasts 3 hours.

What to Bring

Comfortable shoes, insect repellent, camera, and sunscreen.

What's included

Guided tour and a coffee tasting.

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