Cuba Coastline

Cuba has 2,017 miles (3,735 km) of coastline — much of this is lined with powdery white-sand beaches and jade-coloured Caribbean coves. On Cuba’s coast, you’ll find broad beaches, luxurious resorts, mangrove forests, and traditional fishing towns. Many of the nation's major national parks are located on Cuba's coast, as are several important historical sites, like the Bay of Pigs and the capital city of Havana.

You don't have to spend all of your time at the beach when you explore the shops found in Cuba's coastal towns. You'll also have plenty of opportunities to enjoy historical tours, colonial architecture, and observe the island's unique wildlife. Bonus? The simple pleasure of taking a walk in the briny sea air whilst listening to the crash of ocean waves — you'll see what we mean when you book your getaway to explore Cuba's coastline.