Survival Trekking in The Rainforest

Survival Trekking in The Rainforest

Take a break from the beach and explore a more rugged path with this expedition. Survivia Trekking in The Rainforest takes you through the jungles of Bali, Indonesia. Your expert guide will teach you about the secrets of the rainforest, and what to do to survive in the rainforest. For those who are adventurous at heart, this tour is your chance to go way off grid.

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The island of Bali, Indonesia is incredibly beautiful, and when you step away from its beachside resorts, it's also incredibly rugged. With mountains, jungles, and lakes, Bali is a wonderful destination for explorers. The island let's you enjoy all of your usual outdoor activities in a deliciously tropical climate. As a bonus, you're also treated to wildlife you can't find back home, as well as extraordinary views and temples built in the sky.

A Rugged Adventure

Make sure you start your day with a hearty breakfast, because this adventure is a rigorous 2 hours (120 minutes) long. Since your rainforest trek is all about survival, safety must come first! Your tour begins with some basic training to keep you safe throughout the duration of your trek. Then, you'll receive your very own pack — full of all the outdorr goodies you'll need for your excursion:

  • Small backpack
  • Rain poncho
  • Water
  • Gloves (scratch protection).

As you scale Mt. Batukaru, your expert guide will teach you about the beauty and perils of the landscape you're traversing — orchards, thick jungles, and even small brooks. Along the way, you'll see plants such as rattan, wild orchids, and strangling ficus. Every element of the rainforest is a part of a delicate balance, and crucial to the creatures that call this part of Bali home.

Roughing It Amidst Beauty

Eventually, you'll make your way to Sang Janggala Jungle Camp. Not only is this a beautiful riverside camp, but pending the weather, it's a great place to refresh yourself in the cool, crips mountain water. Once you've settled in, it's time to get to the nitty-gritty of rainforest survivalism. Your campground wasn't chosen arbitrarily. It's time to learn:

  • How to choose a campsite.
  • How to build a shelter.
  • How to build and light a fire for cooking and warmth.
  • Sourcing drinking water.
  • Bamboo bushcraft to make your own tools.

You'll even have the pleasure of enjoying a delicious lunch which has been made from young coffee leaves, roots, ferns, and chicken in bamboo.

The Glamorous Side of Camping

Learning how to care and provide for yourself in any situation is important, but one of the perks of the modern world is not having to forage for your every existence. That's why your excursion ends with a bit of indulgence. This time, your rugged trek is going to lead you to...the Sang Giri Glamping Camp. Who says you have to 'rough it' outdoors?

Before The Hike, Clicking is The Hardest Part

In a world where 'you never know,' this interesting outing could one day be of very good use. Learn how to really survive on a tropical island when you're not staying at a high-end resort. Book the Survival Trekking in The Rainforest Tour today!

P.S. This tour makes an amazing gift for the outdoor enthusiast in your life — it's sure to be one of their most cherished lifetime memories!

Make the Survival Trekking in The Rainforst the hardest part of your Balinese getaway when you book an expertly managed vacation, courtesy of Anywhere. You'll have to get yourself up Mt. Batukaru, but Anywhere's transportation will get you to the rest of your tours and accommodations.

What to Bring

Insect Repellent, Long-Sleeved Shirt, Long Trousers, Sunglasses.

What's included

Mineral Water, Wooden Stick, English Speaking Guide, Gloves, Small Backpacks, Rain Poncho.


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