Morning Adventure at Tanah Lot Photo
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Morning Adventure at Tanah Lot PhotoMorning Adventure at Tanah Lot Photo

The legend of this holy rock and its blessed water is intriguing. Let the beauty and magic of Bali surround you when you make your pilgrimage to Tanah Lot. Utterly breathtaking, and touted as one of Bali's most important, and most photographed, landmarks. Your visit to Indonesia is simply incomplete if you don't add this destination to your itinerary.

The sound of waves are at once tranquil and thunderous as you gaze out at an incredible rock formation. You're surrounded by the friendly faces of the Balinese as you stand before a sacred Hindu temple. Just when you thought the beauty of Indonesia couldn't be enhanced any further, you go to Tanah Lot Temple. Seemingly a shrine in the middle of the oceaon, this holy space actually stands on an outcrop. As striking as the photos of Tanah Lot are, they still don't do the area justice — that's how magical this place is.

Vacations are about making new discoveries, so we'll let the locals to you the legend of the temple's origin. It's an opportunity to enjoy an authentic, and rather engaging, cultural exchange. After all, the point of going to Bali iss to experience the region off the page...

You're likely to be impressed by the fact that the rock formation looks like a bridge, and rightfully so. It's rather incredible to think that humble waves were able to bore a natural archway into such thick stone over time. Be mindful of the tides! Whilst it's easy enough to observe the rock base during low tide, the main offshore temple is completely inaccessbile at high tide. Because the main temple of Tanah Lot is a sacred space, visitors are not allowed to enter the temple grounds themselves. However, you still have the opportunity to enjoy a spiritual experience if that is what you are seeking.

Several smaller temples grace the mainland, and they offer prayer sessions for requests great and small. Penyawang is a popular alternative temple. Additionally, when the tide permits, you can visit the Tirta Pabersiahn Foutain. Blessed by priests, this holy water comes from a natural spout and is shared with all of the neighboring temples. Not only will the priests offer a direct blessing by sprinkling this sacred water over your head, you are actually welcome to "cup your palms and take a sip" —respectfully/with due reverence, of course.

Whatever spirituality means to you, you can experience it in Bali. Whether you are humbled by the power and beauty of Mother Nature, or need a moment to cleanse your soul, quiet your mind and be still. Even the most entrancing photograph of Tanah Lot pales in comparison to the memory you'll have of physically being there — the warm winds of Bali caressing your skin. The mist of the ocean's waves cooling your body. And a temple in the middle of the sea, which serves as a reminder that nature has its own sense of time, and you won't find it on your iPhone's productivity apps.

What to Bring

Comfortable walking shoes that are capable of handling slippery rocks and a camera.

What's included

Guided tour and a blessing.
Morning Adventure at Tanah Lot