Is Bali Safe?

Compared to many places in the world, Bali is fairly safe. However, the things that require your attention to ensure daily safety are different than what you would need to worry about at home. Pay attention, and exercise common sense and caution to easily have a safe and enjoyable time in Bali.

There is crime in Bali, but most of the crime is non-violent and tends to be theft of belongings or scams (such as ATM skimming). While there are occasional violent crimes, often these are sensationalized by the media.

Take care of your belongings, lock up valuables, and maintain a low profile as a tourist. Be aware of possible pickpocketing, and use ATMs at a bank with security. The Kuta and Legian areas have the highest crime rates, while Ubud is one of the safest locations.

Roadway safety is a big issue. Be very careful driving or even crossing the street. Use local taxis wherever possible. And of course, don’t drink and drive.

Bali also has a small but mentionable risk of natural disasters from volcanoes and earthquakes. We recommend you sign up for travel advisories from your country of origin before departing for Bali.

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