Are there many insects in Panama?

Panama is a tropical country and does have its fair share of bugs. It is, however, not as bad as you might think, and with the proper amount of protection you will be fine.

Sand flies (known locally as chitras), who tend to bite ankles and feet, can be a nuisance on some beaches and are worse during the rainy season. To protect yourself against them, use insect repellent and keep your feet covered with socks and shoes. Chiggers – a type of mite that live in fields and grassy areas – can sometimes climb onto you and burrow into your skin. To avoid them, use insect repellent on your clothes when hiking, especially around the legs. Panama has large spiders (including tarantulas) and some scorpions. Shake out your clothes (especially your shoes) before putting them on and if you see anything, leave it alone. There are also some ferocious ants and bees in Panama. Again, be on the lookout for these while hiking in the forest, and you should be fine.