Cuba Off The Beaten Track

You might think that a trip to Cuba is itself a vacation spent off the beaten track, but it's possible to go even further when you head to these unique Cuba destinations. Achieve the impossible — escape crowds of travellers and manage to have a little bit of Cuba all to yourself. If it's an authentic experience you're seeking, you'll enjoy spending time in smaller towns full of locals.

Cuba Off The Beaten Path - Baracoa Cuba
Cuba Off The Beaten Path - Baracoa

Eastern Cuba

The long journey from Santiago de Cuba to Baracoa passes through Guantanamo, then along beautiful stretches of the southeast coastline and up into the hills via twisting switchbacks. It is one of the most epic road trips in Cuba and sets the pace for your time in the town.

From the lively plazas in the centre of town up to the summit of El Yunque and into the historic caves of Cuba's aboriginal population, Baracoa is full of surprises.

Cuba Off The Beaten Path - Playa Giron/Playa Larga (Cienaga de Zapata) Cuba
Cuba Off The Beaten Path - Playa Giron/Playa Larga (Cienaga de Zapata)

Central Cuba

Playa Larga sits at the top of the Bay of Pigs, with easy access to Ciénaga de Zapata National Park. Playa Giron lies further south with some of Cuba’s best dive sites and reefs just off shore. Share your time between the two and you’ll be constantly bowled over by Cuba’s natural beauty.

This is a relatively quiet area of the Cuban coast with simple Casa Particulars over all-inclusive resorts. It’s a little laidback luxury in one of the country’s most stunning off the beaten track locations.