I Want a Nature Vacation. Where Should I Goin Cuba?

During a nature vacation, make sure to visit Cuba’s excellent national parks. Cuba takes pride in its national parks, which are some of the best preserved in the Caribbean. A few have been named UNESCO World Heritage Sites for their varied flora and fauna and sheer impressive vistas.

Visit Cuba's incredible coast to see some of its rare plants and animals. Guanahacabibes Peninsula National Park boasts mangrove swamps with diverse populations of birds. For more bird watching, head to southern Cuba to visit the wetlands of Cienéga de Zapata National Park.

Some of the healthiest and most interesting coral reefs are in Cuba are along the coasts of national parks. Jardines de la Reina is the largest and healthiest coral reef in Cuba. You can also see rare black coral reef near the beach at María La Gorda.

In western Cuba travelers can see famous Cuban tobacco farmed the old-fashioned way in Viñales. Descend into the Viñales Valley to see the ancient, rocky formations called magotes. The forest of Pinares de Mayarí is made up of beautiful old pines, and serves as a home to a healthy population of birds. Go east to the Sierra Maestra to climb Cuba's tallest mountain in Pico Turquino National Park.

Resorts take up Cuba’s most popular beaches. But you can find untrammeled beaches in places like the Isla de la Juventud, as well as on the sparsely populated island of Cayo Largo del Sur.

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