Jimbaran is known as the seafood capital of Bali. The bay has a beautiful sunset, punctuated by jetliners landing at the nearby Denpasar airport.

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Dedari Sunset Cruise, Indonesia
Dedari Sunset CruiseJimbaran

Take a two-hour tour of the coast along the Indian Ocean to appreciate the scenery of the coast. This tour starts in the late afternoon, so you’ll be out on the boat while the sun sets.

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Romantic Dinner in Sundara, Indonesia
Romantic Dinner in SundaraJimbaran

Sundara is a modern take on Asian cuisine, with a menu designed to impress the most sophisticated palettes. Their plates are truly Instagram worthy, with carefully balanced presentations and bright, tropical colors. As you dine, you’ll have a tremendous view of a long stretch of beach, and the menu features plenty of the seafood that put Jimbaran on the foodie map.

0 - Jimbaran, Indonesia
1 - Jimbaran, Indonesia
2 - Jimbaran, Indonesia
3 - Jimbaran, Indonesia
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5 - Jimbaran, Indonesia
6 - Jimbaran, Indonesia
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9 - Jimbaran, Indonesia

Area Guide

Set along the Bali strait on the southwestern coast, Jimbaran connects the Bali mainland via the Bukit peninsula. By taxi service, Jimbaran is approximately 15 to 20 minutes from the hub of Bali, Kuta. Jimbaran draws crowds of seafood lovers on a nightly basis, Most of the action takes place during sunset when a variety of fresh seafood dishes are on offer, accompanied by traditional live music.

If you’re not a seafood lover, you can find non-seafood options, but keep in mind that seafood is the focus. Restaurants that line the bay greet guests with displays of tropical fish and live lobster. The chef can season and prepare the seafood however you like.

Jimbaran Beach and the surrounding area are home to boutique accommodations and large luxury resorts hidden behind intricately carved stone walls and lush greenery. As you explore the area, you may catch a glimpse of the oasis-style pools and plush daybeds available to guests. If you arrive early to Jimbaran before a luxurious seafood feast, the area also boasts traditional markets offering handcrafted souvenirs.