Panama Mountains

Looking for excitement off the beach? Look no further than Panama's mountain ranges! The Cordillera Central, or Central Mountain Range, runs down the middle of Panama, forming the Continental Divide and separating the country's Pacific and Caribbean coasts. In Panama's mountain destinations, you will enjoy ample access to mountains, rivers, and forests.

Boquete Panama

Western Highlands

On a clear day, hikers who ascend Barú Volcano will have views of both the Caribbean and the Pacific. Getting to the peak takes 4 to 5 hours. Along the way, you’ll enjoy picturesque views of the surrounding farmland. Fill your lungs with the brisk mountain air and your memory with one of the prettiest landscapes in Panama.

El Valle de Anton Panama
El Valle de Anton

Central Panama

You’ll find this cozy mountain town just outside of Cerro Gaital National Park, where you can hike on trails around the peaks of Cerro Gaital, Cerro Pajita, and Cerro Caracoral. The India Dormida ” peak is one of the most popular hikes in the area, and offers beautiful views of the surrounding mountains.