What destinations offer domestic flights in Panama?

Panama currently has only one airline (Air Panama) that offers domestic flights. Domestic flights significantly cut down travel time and are a great way to travel.

Domestic flights are available to the following places, most of which leave from Panama City: Isla Colón(Bocas del Toro, Changuinola (Bocas del Toro), Isla Contadora (Pearl Islands), Isla San José (Pearl Islands), David, Achutupo (Guna Yala, Playón Chico (Guna Yala), El Porvenir (Guna Yala), Corazón de Jesús (Guna Yala), Maultupo (Guna Yala), Bahía de Piñas (Darién), Sambú (Darién), and San José in Costa Rica.

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