Panama Surf Spots

Did you know that Panama — home of the Panama Canal — is also a surfing paradise? Surfing in Panama is awesome, because the country's coastlines usher in waves of every size and shape. Beach breaks, point breaks, and reef breaks — Panama surfing offers something for everyone, beginner and expert alike. Don't let the promise of waves to deter you, because Panama's beaches are lovely in their own right. So, even if surfing isn't your forte, you're sure to have a great time!

Isla Bastimentos Panama
Isla Bastimentos

Bocas del Toro Province

From Isla Bastimentos, you can also arrange for surfing trips to nearby islands. Head out to Isla Carenero, an island not too far from Bastimentos Island that’s surrounded by huge waves. It’s home to Caranero Break, a famous tubular wave that breaks over a fairly shallow reef, which is best left to experts. Just outside of Isla Colón, you can find Paunch, a lively reef break. You can access these waves from the ocean — no need to ever touch the shore.

Playa Venao Panama
Playa Venao

The Azuero Peninsula

Serious surfers camp out along the beach, and start surfing as soon as the day breaks. Waves here reach heights of 3 to 5 feet . There are a good selection of places to eat in the area, and some comfortable hotels in nearby Pedasí.