Cuba Beaches to Visit

A Cuban beach holiday is waiting for you on this lively and colourful island nation. This list of Cuba's beaches to visit will take you from Baracoa to Maria La Gorda, and more as you explore the coastline. Cuba's beaches are famous for being ‘postcard-perfect,’ with their white sands and clear turquoise waters. Catch-up on your reading as you enjoy a paperback underneath an oversized umbrella. Seeking a more active beach getaway?...

Cuba Beaches - Varadero Cuba
Cuba Beaches - Varadero

Havana Region

While technically a town, Varadero is mainly made up of hotels and dive shops which are stretched out along the Peninsular de Hicacos with enough room for everyone to claim a stretch of sand.

For those looking for all-inclusive luxury, those wanting to take advantage of Cuba's clear waters, and those who need little more than a sun lounger to be happy, there's a place for you in Varadero. If it's good enough for the likes of Al Capone and Irénée Du Pont, who once owned beachside mansions here, then we are sure you'll love it too.

Cuba Beaches - Cayo Santa María (Cayos de Villas Clara) Cuba
Cuba Beaches - Cayo Santa María (Cayos de Villas Clara)

Central Cuba

Add a handful of luxury hotels and thatched umbrellas to the scene and you are just about ready to settle into a perfect Cuban beach vacation. Most resorts here are all-inclusive, with their own portion of private beach. Find a shaded lounger and soak in the Caribbean sun with that picture-perfect view.

Take a break from the heat with a dip in the sea, or grab a snorkel to explore the nearby coral reefs. Fishing is popular too, and at sunset, you can hop on a catamaran to enjoy dinner out on the ocean.