Bocas Town

Bocas town is a bohemian, waterfront town on Isla Colón. It's the largest and funkiest town in the Bocas del Toro archipelago and is visited by travelers from all over the world. Hotels, restaurants, gourmet grocery stores and other tourist facilities crowd the small town, making it one of the most popular places in all of Panama.

Bocas Town Best Things to Do

Cayo Zapatilla One Day Tour, Panama
Cayo Zapatilla One Day TourBocas Town

This all-day tour takes you to the island of Cayo Zapatilla, which protects some of the wildest parts of Panama’s ecosystem. It is located inside the boundary of the Bastimentos National Marine Park.

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Deep Board Tour, Panama
Deep Board TourBocas Town

This tour combines snorkeling with a speedy twist. Instead of swimming around the corals, your boat will tow you along as you hang on to a specially designed board. On a deep board tour you’ll see huge schools of fish gathered around coral reefs. The underwater landscape off the coast of Bocas del Toro is varied, and the water is a bright, emerald green.

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0 - Bocas Town, Panama
1 - Bocas Town, Panama
2 - Bocas Town, Panama
3 - Bocas Town, Panama
4 - Bocas Town, Panama
5 - Bocas Town, Panama
6 - Bocas Town, Panama
7 - Bocas Town, Panama
8 - Bocas Town, Panama

Area Guide

Bocas town is laid out in a grid pattern along the edge of the water, with most of the action happening along just three streets. Here is where visitors will find nearly all of the hotels, tour outfits, restaurants, and services in the entire archipelago.

Trips to other parts of the island can be launched from the center of town – mainly to beaches and surf spots. Boats to Isla Carenero, Isla Bastimentos, Isla Solarte, and Isla Cristóbal usually board from here. There is no shortage of boatmen in Bocas town offering snorkeling tours or trips to surf breaks, and there are a number of companies that can arrange diving trips and PADI certification courses.

Bocas town tends to appeal to backpacker types, but will find itself agreeable to a wide range of people. Accommodations are extensive and wide-ranging, with everything from simple hostels to luxury bungalows available.

Likewise, there are a large number of restaurants that offer a variety of tasty cuisine. Those who would rather cook for themselves will also be pleased, as there are several grocery stores in town, two of which offer organic, gourmet foods that are difficult to come by throughout the rest of Panama.

Bocas town also has a number of banks, ATMs, pharmacies, launderettes, and internet cafés.

Feedback From Travelers

Did not spend much time in Bocas town.


Restaurants: go to Ultima refugio and om. Bocas brewery is very good as well and has a nice beach. Ask for heraldo to take you on a tour of the bat caves. He was a great guide. The bat caves were a very unique experience.up the hill coffee farm is a very nice hike/snack spot.

- LAUREN D, FEB 2016