Panama Nature

Got your Panama visa (if you need one)? Excellent! It's time for you to discover one of the best places to visit in Panama...Nature. Put your tourist dollars to good use and support Panama's environmental issues. Set between an ocean and a sea and divided by three mountain ranges, Panama’s environment is varied and vivid. Panama's nature tours encompass an impressive variety of terrain, including dense rainforests in Gamboa, the intricate mangroves of Isla Popa, and an extinct volcano in Barú Volcano National Park — outside of Boquete.

As the crossroads between South America and Central America, Panama is a meeting point for migratory and resident animal species. You can search for wildlife in the forests or around coral reefs, and get a good sampling of Panama's natural wonders in the country's national parks. The following destinations offer up the best opportunity to experience the bounty of Panama's nature.