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Indonesia's tropical climate is exceptional for the 'Theobroma Cacao' tree. What starts out as a fruit is picked, fermented, and roasted into the chocolate you know and love. Learn all about the full process of chocolate making, and how derivatives such as cocoa butter and white chocolate are created. Yes, samples are part of the fun! These educational and fun tours will give you a new respect for one of the world's most versatile ingredients — and the people who ensure our global supply.

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Pod Chocolate Factory - Chocolate Making Tour, Indonesia
Pod Chocolate Factory - Chocolate Making TourUbud

Combine two of the world’s most amazing things into one incredible tour. Paradise meets chocolate in Bali, Indonesia. Step right up to the Pod Chocolate Factory! Located on the grounds of the Bali Elephant Camp, here, chocolate goes from unusual and humble fruit to the decadent treat we’ve all come to know and love. Discover every step of how one of the world’s most versatile ingredients is created. There will, OF COURSE, be samples!

Chocolate Tour

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