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5 Things to Do in Ubud

Pyramids of Chi Mystic & Sound Healing, Indonesia
Pyramids of Chi Mystic & Sound HealingUbud

This tour takes you to two different healing centers in Ubud. There’s a yoga class followed by a trip to a sound-bath in a truly tranquil environment — the Pyramids of Chi. Take this tour for the opportunity to meditate and absorb some of the healing energies of Bali’s wellness culture.

Guided Tours
A Day in The Life of a Balinese Farmer, Indonesia
A Day in The Life of a Balinese FarmerUbud

Escape the everyday in Bali, Indonesia and live your best life in a big way. Experience both luxury and simplicity with one amazing tour. A Day in The Life of a Balinese Farmer provides you with guided walks, picnic breakfasts and lunches, interaction with local farmers, and spa treatments — all in the span of a single adventure. Because you'll be enjoying the expertise of the Four Seasons, you can rest assured that every element of your tour will be exceptional.

 Akashic Yoga Journey, Indonesia
Akashic Yoga JourneyUbud

This Akashic yoga class is most likely unlike any other you’ve ever experienced, incorporating messages from the spirit world, dance, and a sound bath. Martin and Marie, a warmhearted couple from Europe, are your guides for this one-of-a-kind experience. Their Vinyasa yoga flow is appropriate for all levels. The Akashic Yoga Journey takes place at the Pyramids of Chi, a beautiful practice space designed especially for yoga classes.

Exclusive Water Healing Ritual, Indonesia
Exclusive Water Healing RitualUbud

Nourish your body and your mind as you immerse yourself in ancient Veda practices. Panca Mahabhuta translates as ‘five elements,’ and puts you in touch with traditional Balinese healing methods. Enjoy unparalleled access to skilled practitioners, revered, but often unknown in the Western world. The ‘Water Healing Ritual’ offers you the opportunity to enjoy a moment of safety, serenity, and freedom as you float and glide through warm water. An expert healing therapist will guide and move your body gracefully, effortlessly, and with a calm assurance. Discover what some of the world’s top performers already know — an investment in your well-being is an investment in your success.

Relaxing Spa in Ubud , Indonesia
Relaxing Spa in Ubud Ubud

Venture into the rice fields outside of Ubud to find this spa and a rejuvenating massage. You’ll have a 60-minute massage followed by a 30-minute soak in a flower bath. Each treatment takes place in an open-air treatment room, complete with its own shower and bath so you can take a refreshing rinse after your massage.


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