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Zip-lines are slowly becoming popular in Panama, although nowhere near the level they are in Costa Rica. Zip-lines are composed of steel cables strung between platforms in the forest canopy. During a canopy tour, participants are fitted into a harness, attached to the cable, and sent down the cable between platforms. Canopy tours are an exciting way to get outdoors and also learn about the ecology of Panama.

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Boquete Tree Trek Canopy Tour, Panama
Boquete Tree Trek Canopy TourBoquete

The Boquete Tree Trek is located in the forested highlands above Boquete. The setting – big trees, stunning views – is perfect for a canopy adventure. This tour consists of 12 zip lines and 14 platforms.

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Canopy Tour in Colón, Panama
Canopy Tour in ColónColon

Scientists originally built this zip lining course in order to better observe wildlife in the canopy. They quickly realized how exhilarating it was to glide through the trees. Now, you can see for yourself on a zip-lining adventure in Portabelo National Park, which is located just 90 minutes outside of Colón.

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Bastimentos Sky Zip-Line Canopy Tour, Panama
Bastimentos Sky Zip-Line Canopy TourIsla Bastimentos

Fly through the forest canopy during this 2-hour zip-line tour. Set within the rainforests of Bastimentos Island in Bocas del Toro, this tour offers travelers an exciting opportunity to experience the Panamanian outdoors.

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Jungle Safari, Panama
Jungle SafariPanama City

On this tour you’ll see Panama’s jungle and its incredible wildlife. You’ll take a canopy tour of the rainforest with a guide that can help you look for monkeys and birds in their natural habitat. Next you’ll experience an adrenaline-pumping trip through the canopy – you get to choose from the nine zip lines that stretch between the trees.

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