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Panama is an isthmus – a thin stretch of land that connects two lands masses. In the western highlands, mountains and volcanoes create a challenging terrain for intrepid hikers. Off the coast, Panama’s island chains have every type of beach you can imagine, and rare mangrove forests. The tropical rainforest here is known for its huge diversity of animals and insects, including many species of butterfly. With a naturalist guide, you’ll get an education in biodiversity as you traverse Panama’s intense landscape.

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Gamboa Rainforest Mega Combo, Panama
Gamboa Rainforest Mega ComboGamboa

This tour includes a tram ride through the rainforest, a visit to butterfly and orchid gardens, and a trip to Monkey Island in the Panama Canal.

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Nature Walk
The Territories of Urraca, Panama
The Territories of UrracaChitre

Urraca was an indigenous chief who battled with Spanish conquistadors in the 16th century. During this full-day tour, you’ll explore some of the places he presided over, including Santiago, San Francisco, and the La Yegunda Lagoon.

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Nature Walk
Jungle Canal Day Tour, Panama
Jungle Canal Day TourPanama City

This tour covers some of the most interesting parts of the Panama Canal. Lake Gatún makes up a 21-mile section of the canal. This area used to be a lush valley – it was flooded to make a manmade lake between 1906 and 1914.

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