Peru Hotels

Peru is an extraordinary country, so it's no surprise that you'll be able to choose from extraordinary accommodations. The country offers you plenty of outdoor beauty and city glamour, but you haven't even discovered the best part yet... Peru is the home of internationally award winning cuisine — whether you find yourself enjoying rugged adventures or cosmopolitan excursions, there will be delicious food at every turn!

Speaking of food, for a gastronomic adventure, you can eat your way through the capital city of Lima, Peru. Luxury hotels will make this an indulgent experience, but even if you find yourself in the country on business, you've got to eat! So, why not do it in some of the city's best restaurants. If you're looking for a cozy experience, stay at a bed and breakfast, and feel like you're dining with a host family in Urubamba — the middle of the Sacred Valley, or the Ica Valley — the perfect destination for wine lovers.

What's a trip to Peru without spending plenty of time in the fresh air? A missed opportunity! Luckily, that won't be a problem when you stay in Augas Calientes, where you can enjoy thermal baths before you go to Machu Picchu. The Sacred Valley is as magical as it sounds, and you'll enjoy it even more when you're in an eco-lodge, communing with nature. For an extraordinary travel story, book yourself a jungle adventure at a remote resort — Tarapoto is near Peru's Amazon Basin.

For every excursion, price point, and travel style you can think of, we have the solutions for you. This is Peru your way, and your ideal hotel is just the start of your adventures.