Peru Cloud Forest Destinations

Due to a nearly constant presence of moisture and mist, cloud forests support a huge range of life and are one of the world's most biologically diverse environments. Peruvian cloud forests are ideal destinations for nature lovers — you can spend your days hiking through dense forests while searching for birds, amphibians, and even large mammals.

Aguas Calientes Peru
Aguas Calientes

Southern Highlands

What exactly are the cloud forests of Peru? Many who have hiked the Inca Trail will tell you about the persistent low lying clouds obscuring the view they have hiked 4 days to see. Yet, when those clouds break, creeping eerily across the mountains, the view of Machu Picchu somehow seems even more mystical. Yes, the Aguas Calientes cloud forests, clinging to the edge of rugged, green mountains, are truly a sight not to be missed.

Puerto Maldonado Peru
Puerto Maldonado

Amazon Basin

Getting to these cloud forests — located above the tropical rainforest, on the way up towards the peaks of the Andes — requires planning and patience. The incredibly rich flora and fauna you'll find when you arrive though, is more than worth it. Ecolodges deep within the forest will host you for these multi-day nature expeditions.