Peru Mountains

Peru's mountains offer you an incredible getaway, and some outdoor bragging rights. Next to the Himalayas, the Andes are the highest mountain chain on Earth. They run down the center of Peru and form four separate mountain ranges, or 'cordilleras,' which are known as the Blanca, Negra, Oriental, and Central. If you're looking to hit the trail and explore the outdoors, then you couldn't ask for a better destination.

In addition to scenic hiking, you'll see amazing sights during your treks. Where does salt come from? Discover the answer at the Inca salt mines outside of Urubamba. Enjoy the lively markets of Huaraz, where people can still be heard speaking Quechua. When you're ready, you can take a multi-day hike in the exquisite surrounding mountains.You might think you've walked into a postcard setting, but really, you've entered the picturesque town of Chivay — a lovely hub for exploring the Colca Valley and Colca Canyon.

Peru's mountains dominate the skyline, and these towns place you steps from birdwatching, wildlife observation, rafting, and of course, hiking. On your next getaway, take the scenic route and experience the majesty of Peru's mountains one step at a time.