How are gay and lesbian travelers recieved in Peru?

Unfortunately, Peru is not super progressive when it comes to gay and lesbian lifestyles. A machismo society prevails, supporting traditional beliefs on gender roles. Peruvian attitudes towards homosexuality are also largely influenced by the Catholic Church.

Lima does have a gay scene, but it's much smaller than other major cities in South America. The gay bars, restaurants, and clubs in cities like Lima, Cusco, and Iquitos tend to be somewhat hidden and primarily cater to men.

Peruvians are not super accustomed to seeing same sex couples, although gay rights are on the rise in Peru. In the last few years there have been attempts to legalize civil unions for homosexual couples.

Even so, same-sex couples are advised to be somewhat discreet while traveling in Peru. It's more acceptable to be openly affectionate in a larger city, but in rural areas it's best to adopt a more conservative approach if you don't want to attract unwanted attention.

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