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Peru has a great bus system. In fact, most locals use buses as their main form of transportation. A network of regularly scheduled, high-quality buses crisscrosses the country. New highways have made traveling by bus fast and comfortable.

There are all kinds of labels for the types of buses in Peru, and trying to figure out the differences between them can be confusing. These include Royal Class, Cruzero, Especial, Imperial, and Ejecutivo. The best buses have amenities that are similar to airplane business class — these may include reclining seats, bathrooms, food and beverage service, videos, good drivers, and decent legroom. They are also typically nonstop. Peru’s cheaper buses may be shoddy and are more prone to theft.

In cities like Cusco and Arequipa, it’s especially easy to travel by bus because all of the bus companies are located within one main station, which is known as the terminal terrestre. Within an hour or two of arriving at one of these stations, you can usually board a bus and be heading to your destination. In cities like Lima, bus companies have their own terminal, which makes it a little more difficult to wing it when traveling by bus. Lima’s best bus companies include Ormeño, Cruz del Sur, and Oltursa.

While on a bus, pay close attention to your luggage. Larger bags will be checked underneath the bus and are usually safe. Put your carry-on bags on racks where you can see them; you might also want to lock your zippers together or lock your bag to the luggage rack.

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