Peru Transportation Guide & Booking Service

Peru Transportation Guide & Booking Service

Transportation goes hand in hand with travel. There are numerous ways to get around Peru and choosing the right option(s) can have a significant impact on your trip. Transportation in Peru includes domestic flights, private transfers, shared shuttles, trains, boats, buses, and rental cars. As you decide what type of transportation is best for you, keep in mind your timeframe, travel route, and budget. You might choose one option exclusively or combine several modes of travel. The following guide explains what's involved with several transportation options in Peru.

Peru Shuttle Transportation & Booking Service

Shared shuttles transfer groups of travelers between popular Peruvian destinations.

The shuttles are safe and comfy, and usually provide door-to-door service.

Peru Domestic Flights & Booking Service

If you only have a few weeks to travel in Peru and want to see several major destinations, flying is your best bet.

Domestic airports are scattered across Peru in most major cities.

Peru Private Transportation

Private transfers take travelers from airports to hotels and between select destinations.

They are a good choice for people who desire flexibility and comfort while traveling.

Peru Train Service & Booking

There are a handful of scenic train routes in Peru.

The most popular trains connect Cusco with Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley.

Peru Rental Cars & Booking Service

Renting a car is not the easiest or even cheapest way to get around in Peru.

Driving conditions can be bad and drivers are aggressive. Renting a car, however, will give you maximum flexibility and freedom, and can be an acceptable option in certain regions.