Peru Destinos Remotos

Por cada destino que pueda nombrar de Perú, hay diez más de los que usted nunca ha escuchado. Estos destinos remotos son mucho menos concurridos que aquellos lugares como Machu Picchu y Cusco, pero no dejan de ser fantásticos. Algunas opciones incluyen aldeas en medio de la selva, pueblos de montaña, y ciudades costeras. En estos destinos, usted a menudo podrá encontrarse con la cultura Peruana auténtica y tener acceso a amplias zonas al aire libre. Los destinos remotos podrían estar localizados en ubicaciones más aisladas y tener opciones de alojamiento más rústicas. Y por lo tanto, estos destinos suelen congeniar bien con aquellos viajeros aventureros y curiosos.

Chiclayo Peru

North Coast

The Lord of Sipan is the star of the show and one of the most important archaeological finds in the last 30 years. Affectionately known as the Tutankhamun of the Americas, this is one of the most intact ceremonial tombs found in Peru. The tomb has since been rehoused in a museum in Lambayeque, and you can still visit the crumbling adobe pyramids where they were found.

One of the most interesting places to explore in the city is the Mercado Modelo, where an ancient 'witches market' offers all kinds of trinkets and potions to those in need of nature's magic! Chiclayo is also well known for its culinary scene, especially the incredible seafood. If you haven't tried Ceviche yet, this is your chance to do so!

Huaraz Peru

Central Highlands

Trekking is the order of the day in Huaraz and there are plenty of stunning trails to discover. The blindingly vibrant turquoise of Laguna 69 is just a day hike away and there are lots of options for longer excursions.

For those who'd rather soak in the mountain views without the exertion, many boutique hotels in Huaraz have made a point of positioning themselves in sight of the Cordillera Blanca range.

Trujillo Peru

North Coast

The ancient civilizations of the Moche and Chimu built elaborate temples and cities around Trujillo and there are numerous ruins standing the test of time. The Moche Temples of the Sun and Moon, and the archaeological Chimu complex of Chan Chan are not to be missed.

Within the city limits, you'll also find the beach town of Huanchaco, where you can go to find world-class surfing and traditional seafood restaurants.