Tombs of Revash

Revash is a collection of tombs near the town of Santo Tomás. The tombs look like houses and are set alongside the ledges of limestone cliffs.

0 - Tombs of Revash, Peru

The tombs of Revash are built from mud-set stones and are painted in red and white hues. The buildings look like small houses and seem to form mini villages along the face of the cliff. There are 18 smaller sites spread out around the Santo Tomás Valley.

The tombs were looted long ago, but the buildings are still in good condition. In the 1980s archaeologists found 12 skeletons here, as well as tools made from bones and musical instruments. Aside from the actual structures, there are also paintings of animals, men, and geometric designs. Some bones still litter the inside of the tombs.

Visitors are advised not to climb up to the houses, but instead view them from below. The tombs are very photogenic, and seem to pop out of the grey and green cliffs.

Revash is located approximately 43 miles (70 km) south of Chachapoyas and is set at an altitude of 9,185 feet (2,800 m). It takes about three hours to hike to Revash from the trailhead. The hike is steep and should not be attempted without a guide.