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DM Hotel Mossone is right next to Laguna Huacachina, the legendary lake where an Inca princess transformed in a mermaid. It’s one of the few oases in the Americas and is surrounded by picturesque sand dunes.
Staying here puts you a short distance from the Huacachina Oasis, which is known for the stunning contrast of its lush environs against the backdrop of the surrounding sand dunes. On a visit here, you can try distinctive pastime called sandboarding, and have simple yet comfortable accommodations right next to an inviting pool.
At Casa Andina Chincha Sausal, you’ll be in the city of Chincha, a hotspot for music and dancing in southern Peru. Chincha has many layers of history, and is a short distance from the beautiful Peruvian coast.
Located at one of the busiest vineyards in Ica, Hotel Viñas Quierolo is perfectly situated for travelers hoping to explore the Peruvian vineyard scene. The Andes border the Ica Valley to the east of the hotel. From large windows at the hotel, you’ll never miss the remarkable sunsets that fall over the mountains.
Hotel Las Dunas sits in the midst of Ica’s huge sand dunes, shifting desert terrain that tourists can roam in dune buggies. Year-round warm, sunny weather makes Ica the ideal location for outdoor activities. Nearby the ocean, the mountains, and the desert, Ica soil is perfect for growing the grapes that make the area’s most drinkable attractions – wine and pisco brandy.