Cultural tour to Machu Picchu

Cultural tour to Machu Picchu

This tour introduces you to local history and some truly stunning views. On this educational tour, your guide will point out the agricultural, residential, and religious buildings. Because we have so few written records left behind by the Inca, historians have had to make educated guesses about what purpose some of the structures served and much of the site remains shrouded in mystery.

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4 hrs
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This tour begins with the 30-minute bus ride from Aguas Calientes to Machu Picchu. When you arrive, your 2.5-hour tour begins. The maximum amount of time allowed at the site is 4 hours, so once the tour concludes you’ll have 1.5 hours to explore the site on your own.

Some of the site has undergone careful restoration, to help you imagine what they site would have looked like when it was built in the 15th century. Enchantingly, the outdoor fountains still flow with water from the nearby springs — these fountains flow through narrow channels and over multiple terraces, and provided drinking water to residents. In its heyday, Machu Picchu supported a population of around 500 people.

On the tour, you’ll also stop by several temples and palatial residences. The building called the Royal Palace has a flowering garden. The main temple is marked by rock carvings made to look like surrounding mountains. You’ll also see parts of the site that shaped the lives of the average denizen of Machu Picchu, like agricultural terraces that stand sentry the sides of the mountains, and small buildings that served as granaries and homes for the farmers.

After you have had your fill of the view, you’ll descend down the mountain to the final stop on the tour. Your group will gather for lunch at El Chullpi restaurant, which serves a set lunch menu with vegetarian options. This lunch break offers a chance for you to refuel and mentally unpack the wealth of ruins you’ve observed.

What to Bring

Camera, comfortable walking shoes, long sleeve shirt, hat, and sunglasses.

What's included

Round trip transportation, entrance to Machu Picchu, guided tour, and lunch.


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Traveler Comments

Excellent overall!!


Victor was great


This was the highlight of our vacation! Victor was our guide and I HIGHLY recommend him to anyone ever visiting Machu Picchu. He was VERY knowledgeable and gave us not only facts but other wonderful information about the ruins and the culture of the Incan people. We had a lot of rain that day and he was great at finding ways to do other things while it rained so we could fully enjoy the tour since we couldn't see Machu Picchu very well in the beginning due to the thick clouds. He took us to the Inca Bridge while it rained which was worth seeing. He was also amazing at suggesting places to take pictures and he took videos of us and really captured our experience there for us to remember our trip. He gave us advice on where to go and what to do so we could stay a little longer after the guided portion of the tour was over. He stayed with us for about 4 hours. We loved our time there and with him!

- KATIE B, SEP 2019
This tour introduces you to local history and some truly stunning views.Cultural tour to Machu Picchu74
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