Huánuco is a midsize town located in the Huallaga Valley. It provides travelers with a good place to stay while en route towards destinations in the Amazon Basin.

0 - Huánuco, Peru

Area Guide

Set an elevation of 6,200 feet (1,890 m), Huánuco is located along the road to Pucallpa. The townspeople claim that Huánuco has the best climate in Peru—it’s fairly warm throughout the whole year, although it can see cooler nights in the winter and some rain during the summer. The town is bordered by the Río Huallaga and surrounded by forests and mountains.

Huánuco was founded in 1539 by Spanish conquistador Gómez de Alvarado. The town’s Spanish roots can still be seen in the architecture of buildings and churches. What’s more, the area around Huánuco once hosted some of Peru’s earliest human settlements; some extremely old ruins were found nearby at Kotosh and Lauricocha. Incan ruins and relics are scattered throughout the surrounding mountains.

12 miles outside of town you can visit the Lagunas de Pichgacocha. These waterfalls and lagoons can be reached on foot or by car and are very picturesque. For more post-hike bliss, visit the nearby hot springs.