Peru Nightlife

Peru Nightlife


Peru's best nightlife is found in larger, more established cities like Lima and Cusco. There you can find everything from hole-in-the-wall live music bars to mega-clubs playing ear-splitting reggaeton. Chat with the locals in any small town (or village!), and they'll find a way to show you a good time after a sundowner or two.

Lima's Barranco neighbourhood is an excellent introduction to Peru's nightlife, starting with an afternoon stroll to find a place to eat and ending long after the sun has set. If you're not into pisco sours and Cusquena, head to one of Peru's city squares in the evening and soak in the family atmosphere.

A traditional dinner with a dancing show is a very popular evening activity in Peru and can be enjoyed everywhere, from Lima to Puno and Arequipa.

#1:  Lima

If you had to choose just one Peru destination for a night on the town, then Lima should surely be it. Sunset over the South Pacific, world-class dining, and evening entertainment of all kinds — there is a lot happening after dark in Peru's capital.

The highest concentration of bars, restaurants, and clubs can be found in the neighborhoods of Miraflores and Barranco. Head here and join the locals for a pisco sundowner and then seek out one of Peru's gourmet restaurants for a memorable meal.

When you've fueled up on good food, follow your ears to find the sound of your choice. Tiny live music bars and giant clubs play everything from criollo or Columbian jazz to Latin rock and the ubiquitous reggaeton.