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3 hrs
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Fountains of Lima PhotoFountains of Lima Photo

Enjoy a guided tour of Lima’s Magic Water Circuit. The circuit’s many fountains are lit up by colorful lights and choreographed to music.

The Magic Water Circuit is one of Lima’s newest attractions. Set within Park of the Reserve, it is the largest water fountain compound in the world. This guided tour visits the fountains at night.

Over a dozen fountains shoot water into the air alongside choreographed music and colorful lights. It’s fun, flashy, and yes, even a little magical. The largest fountain shoots water to a height of over 260 feet (80 m). Other attractions include the Tunnel Fountain of Surprises (a 115-foot (35-m) water tunnel) and the Children’s Fountain, which allows children to splash about in the fountain.

This tour lasts 2.5 hours.

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Fountains of LimaFountains of LimaFountains of LimaFountains of LimaFountains of Lima