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Lima tours and activities listing, a guide of excursions available while traveling in Lima
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Discover the secrets of Peruvian cuisine during this gastronomic tour of Lima. You’ll enjoy delicious food and learn how to prepare classic cocktails and ceviche.
At the Historical Center of Lima, you’ll see what’s left of the epicenter of Spanish control of the New World. Spanish power has long since ebbed away, but the streets of Lima still bear the majestic, imperial stamp of Spanish rule. On this nighttime tour, witness Lima lit up in the beautiful historic district, and the colorful fountains of the Parque Reserva.
Explore the Peruvian tradition of paso horse riding during this tour. You’ll visit a beautiful estate in the Lurín Valley to learn about this tradition.
N° 7 as Best Latin Americas's 50 Best Restaurants in 2017. The story began in 1994. Upon finishing their culinary studies in Paris, Gastón Acurio and Astrid Gutsche founded their eponymous restaurant in a small house in the district of Miraflores. At first, the restaurant was quite French, as it was dictated by the global trend. Over time, it became decidedly Peruvian. We embraced our culture and flavors, experimenting with local ingredients and recipes with one goal in mind, to promote our cuisine around the world. In 2014, on our 20th anniversary, we left Cantuarias Street to start a new project: to settle in Casa Moreyra, the 17th century San Isidro estate. Today, Gastón and Astrid, together with a young team of chefs, are in constant search of new flavors and ideas to offer.
Explore one of the largest and most impressive pre-Columbian art collections in the world. This tour takes you to Lima’s Museo Larco, a museum that is set in an 18th-century mansion built atop a pre-colonial ruin.
Spend a night out at La Dama Juana Restaurant, where you’ll enjoy a tasty Peruvian buffet and folkloric dancing. This tour offers travelers an appetizing introduction to Peruvian culture and tradition.
Encounter Peru’s most famous collection of gold during this tour. Lima’s Gold Museum is a huge private collection of gold pieces, many of which date to pre-Columbian times.
This city tour serves up some of Lima’s best attractions and introduces travelers to the city’s pre-colonial, colonial, and modern periods.
On this tour you’ll take a yacht out to Islas Palomino to swim with sea lions. This is a unique experience, and one that you’re not likely to forget.
Notice schedule: From Monday to Friday : Meeting Time 10:30 AM and embarkimng time at 11:00AM. Pick up time would around10:00 AM.
On Saturdays and Sundays: Meeting time 09:30 AM and embarking time at 10:00 AM. Pick up time would be around 09:00 AM.
From December (when Summer comes) it would be open a new departure in the afternoon, please check the departure time.
Travel to Pucusana Bay, a small fishing village that’s 31 miles (50 kms) south of Lima, for an exciting dive near the Pucusana Yacht Club. On dives here, you’ll have the chance to see sea lions, sea slugs, starfish, sea urchins, groupers, blennies, and morwongs — to name just a few.
Venture out at night to explore what the Spanish referred to as the “City of Kings.” On this nighttime tour, see the pale colonial buildings of historic Lima lit up in stark relief against the night sky. Once you’ve had your fill of colonial splendor, switch gears and experience the culture of provincial Peru with dinner and a show. The evening’s entertainment includes lively folk dances, and a buffet that showcases the best of local dishes.
Experience Pachacámac, a complex that was once hailed as an all-important oracle during pre-Columbian times. Tours of Pachacámac include visits to the on-site museum, pyramids, and temples.
Lima is a colorful city. This tour gives visitors a sense of where that dizzying array of colors comes from, with a look at Peru’s artistic and gastronomic culture.
Spend a day visiting Caral, the oldest city in the Americas. This tour offers travelers a fascinating look into ancient Peruvian culture.
On this private tour you will travel outside of Lima to see the ruins of one of the oldest cities in the world – the only older ruins are in Mesopotamia. Caral was built around 5,000 years ago. Archaeologists have found artifacts here that indicate these people practiced agriculture, and their artwork suggests they knew about the existence of animals that lived in far-away jungles. During your visit here you will walk in the footsteps of the first city-dwellers in the Americas.
Enjoy a guided tour of Lima’s Magic Water Circuit. The circuit’s many fountains are lit up by colorful lights and choreographed to music.
Want to enjoy a new adventure with a minimal learning curve? If you’re an avid snowboarder or ski racer, then prepare for a unique adventure. Outside of Lima, Peru is where you’ll find the dunes of Chilca. Glide across their golden sands on a board and conquer a new terrain overlooked by many adrenaline junkies. New to the sport? Don’t worry, children as young as 5 years old can take part in the tour, so beginners are definitely welcome!
This tour of Peruvian culinary excellence will introduce you to a new dimension of sustainable cuisine. On this culinary tasting tour Chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffino will show you how he makes award-winning dishes with ingredients from the Peruvian Amazon.
This is a bike tour that takes you to two of the most culturally rich neighborhoods in Lima: Barranco and Miraflores. These areas have notable art and architecture, and it’s all easy to take in from a breezy bike ride.
Our flight route is leaving from Magdalena district to Miraflores and from there we returned to Magdalena . It is an aerial tour through 4 districts of the Costa Verde, which lasts between 10-15 minutes of flight. It includes a FREE video in Full HD so you can share this incredible experience with those you most want.
These Lima food tours visit exclusive restaurants, try mouth-watering gourmet dishes and you learn to make your own cebiche and pisco sour with a chef. Discover the culinary scene, Peruvian culture and the capital in five hours.
This Lima food tour reveals the other side of the city. Taste delicious Peruvian dishes under the stars while gazing out at the best views in Lima. Learn about Peruvian culture in a dynamic way. Sit back, relax and let us take care of you.
You’ll leave from the diving school in Miraflores on a 1-hour drive to Pucusana, a fishing village right outside of Lima. Once you arrive at the beach, you can visit the changing room to suit up for your diving lesson. Then, you’ll hop on a 12-person boat and take a 20-minute ride to the dive site.
Lima’s friendly waves are a great place for beginners to learn or for advanced riders to refine their skills. Our trained professional surfing instructors have experience teaching all different levels of surfers. In Lima, there are several beaches popular among surfers. You can usually find boards in the water in Miraflores. Waikiki and Makaha beaches in Miraflores are considered good places for beginners.
Explore Lima’s most emblematic attractions during this night tour. This tour lends itself to photographing these magnificent lit-up structures.
Javier Wong is a master in preparing sole cebiche and considered by many people as the best chef in cebiches. He is self-taught, temperamental and whose cuisine is considered cult. It is recommendable only to foodies. His restaurant has been visited by politicians, mayors, presidents and personalities mainly from Peru. His restaurant is considered a "huarique" (not fancy but with the best home flavors), In fact, it is the dinning room of his house. it has no sign or anything to identify it. It has a closed door and has only 10 tables. It serves only with reservation. There is not a Carte, nor waiters, and Wong is the only one who welcome his clients and talks to them. The only question that Javier Wong ask to who visit him is if he/she wants "cold or hot". His kitchen is in view of the customers, and the most complicated dish, the delay of ten minutes, the rest between four and five minutes. The client who attends his little huarique, eats what Javier Wong prepares him according to the inspiration he has at that moment.
Visit Maido for the multi-course Nikkei Experience. Maido has made lots of lists of top restaurants in the world and chef Mitsuharu Tsumura is often credited with putting Nikkei, Peruvian-Japanese fusion, on the map.
Chief reason to visit: Chef Virgílio Martínez’s star has been rising rapidly for the last few years, coinciding with Lima’s ascent to become one of the world’s leading gastronomic destinations. Central is an unmissable part of the itinerary, with its tasting menu travelling from 25 metres below to 4,200 metres above sea level.
A few words on the chef: Martínez trained in kitchens in London, New York, Bogotá and Madrid before opening Central in 2009. He cooks alongside his head chef and wife, Pía, and says their work/life relationship is “a beautiful thing”.
Typical dishes: Hot ceviche of langoustines and corvina fish; Mask of the Suckling Pig with black onion and sweet garlic; pseudocereals with quinoa and kañiwa.
What else? When they first appeared in The World’s 50 Best Restaurants list in 2013, Pía and Virgílio travelled to London for the awards ceremony just four days before returning to Lima to get married. Life has been similarly hectic ever since.
Other ventures: Martinez also owns Lima and more casual Lima Floral in London – handy if you live on the other side of the pond.
Global profile: Central made its debut on The World’s 50 Best Restaurants list in 2013 at No.50 and has since rocketed to No.4.
On the pass: Virgilio Martínez and Pía León
Style of food: Avant-garde Peruvian
Standout dish: Marine Soil: Razor Clams, Pepino Melon, Aji Chili Pepper
If you want to explore the city at your rythm and according to your main interest maybe this option fit better with your preferences. Having a transport and guide or only a transport for 4, 6 or 8 hrs can let you take a ride around the city which match with your flights times if you are on transit via Lima City.
This tour will take you to the ruins of Caral, the oldest city in the Americas. Archaeologists estimate its age at around 5,000 years old, making this city older even than the Great Pyramid of Giza. Caral is some of the oldest evidence of humans living in cities. While much of this city has crumbled, it has contributed enormously to our understanding of the development of human civilization.