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What is there to do in Nazca, Peru? Explore the past. From the nation's famous 'Nazca Lines' – ancient drawings etched in the earth, best appreciated from an aerial tour –, to open tombs where citizens of a bygone era rest, the best tours in Nazca, Peru take you on a journey through history. Even in the present, you'll appreciate how the mountains and deserts are largely unchanged. You spend every day thinking about the future – this vacation, go on an adventure through the past…

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Aerodiana Nazca Classic Tour, Peru
Aerodiana Nazca Classic TourNazca

In order to fully appreciate the Nazca Lines, you need to see them from above. On an Aerodiana Classic tour, experienced pilots will fly you over these ancient marvels from a height that will allow you to survey them all at once, including the most famous of the designs - the monkey, the spider, and the hummingbird.

Chauchilla Cemetery, Peru
Chauchilla CemeteryNazca

The Chauchilla Cemetery offers fascinating archeological insight into how the Nazca cared for their dead. Open tombs allow you to see the ancient remains in repose, decked out in their funerary finery. Some of the graves were looted or damaged by grave robbers, but efforts have been made to carefully restore the site.

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