Nazca Classic Tour

Nazca Classic Tour

In order to fully appreciate the Nazca Lines, you need to see them from above. On an Classic tour, experienced pilots will fly you over these ancient marvels from a height that will allow you to survey them all at once, including the most famous of the designs - the monkey, the spider, and the hummingbird.

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The Nazca Lines spread out over 280 square miles (450 km). Dug into the terrain between 500 BC and 500 AD, the Nazca Lines are an intensely popular attraction because of the mystery of the construction – how did the ancient craftsmen keep their designs so precise, and the lines so straight, for designs that they couldn’t see in their entirety? Even if you stand on the highest nearby mountaintop, you cannot see the complete design. Feel free to develop your own theories on the 30-minute flight.

Planes can hold 12 passengers at a time and come equipped with air conditioning for a comfortable ride. Aerodiana crafts are all flown by expert pilots, with detailed knowledge of the area. On your way to the lines, you’ll get to admire the beautiful scenery of the Ica desert valleys, formed millions of years ago.

Attraction Visited

Nazca Lines

Known by professionals as “geoglyphs,” the Nazca Lines always provoke a strong reaction in visitors to the area. Giant illustrations of plants and animals spread out over 280 square miles (450 km) of desert plateau in Peru’s southern lowlands. No one has yet proposed a compelling explanation for their placement or their location. There are approximately 70 designs—the most famous and frequently photographed of these designs are the monkey, the spider, and the hummingbird. Other illustrations depict fish, killer whales, lizards, and sharks. Some of the designs have dimensions as large as 660 feet (220 m).

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What to Bring

Camera and sunglasses.

What's included

Airplane tour. Airport Tax is not included (S/. 30:00 or USD 9.00). New Tourist Tax does not included: (S/.47.00 or USD14.00)


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Traveler Comments

very friendly. Pilots were great. pointed things out specifically so we didn't miss anything, answered all questions. joked around with us and made us feel very welcome

In order to fully appreciate the Nazca Lines, you need to see them from above.Nazca Classic Tour15
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