Can I take public buses around Peru?

Yes. Peru has a great bus system, with a network of regular, high-quality buses that travel across the country. Most locals use buses as their main form of transportation and travelers are likely to ride a bus at some point during their time in Peru.

There are a variety of buses in Peru. The best ones have reclining seats, bathrooms, food and beverage service, and videos. These buses are also usually nonstop.

In some cities, like Arequipa and Cusco, all of the bus companies are located in one station. This makes it very easy to travel by bus, since you can usually show up without a ticket and board a bus in an hour or two. In cities like Lima the bus companies have stations spread around the city.

By and large, traveling by bus is safe. However, it's still a good idea to pay attention to your luggage while traveling. Theft occurs more frequently on cheaper buses.