What are the driving times between destinations in Peru?

Travel times vary depending on where you are going. Along well-traveled tourist routes, the roads will be better and the travel will be smooth. In more rural areas, the roads may be worse and make the driving take longer.

The following are the general travel times between Lima and popular destinations: Pisco (3 hrs), Paracas (3 hrs), Ica (4 hrs), Nazca (5.5 hrs), Huánuco (5 hrs), Huaraz (5.5 hrs), Trujillo (7.5 hrs), Chiclayo (10 hrs), Cajamarca (11 hrs), Arequipa (13 hrs), Cusco (14.5 hrs), Urubamba (14.5 hrs), Ollantaytambo (14.5 hrs), Pisac (15 hrs), Máncora (15.5 hrs), Chachapoyas (16 hrs), and Puno (17 hrs).

The following are the general travel times between Cusco and popular destinations: Pisac (0.5 hr), Urubamba (1 hr), Ollantaytambo (1 hr), Puno (5.5 hrs), Arequipa (6.5 hrs), Nazca (9 hrs), Ica (10.5 hrs), Paracas (11.5 hrs), Pisco (12 hrs), Lima (14.5 hrs), and Huánuco (17 hrs).

The following the general travel times between Trujillo and popular destinations: Chiclayo (3 hrs), Cajamarca (3.5 hrs), Huaraz (4.5 hrs), Lima (7.5 hrs), Cabo Blanco (8 hrs), Máncora (8 hrs), Huánuco (8 hrs), Chachapoyas (8.5 hrs), Tumbes (9.5 hrs), Huancayo (11 hrs), Paracas (10.5 hrs), Ica (11 hrs), and Nazca (13 hrs).

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