Aguas Calientes to Cusco Train & Bus Combo

Aguas Calientes to Cusco Train & Bus Combo

Peru's weather can sometimes impact transportation options, especially during the months of January to April. That's why the Vistadome Bimodal exists. By pairing the comfort and beauty of the Vistadome train with the reliability of a private bus, nothing stands in the way of your adventures in Peru. Book your excursion any season — the Vistadome Bimodal will get you there.

4 hrs
Available Days:
Every day
3:20 PM, 4:43 PM, 5:23 PM
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Usually when someone says, "You're in for the ride of your life," you might think 'theme park.' What about 'train?' The Vistadome Bimodal proves that train travel is anything but boring, as you make your way through the winding scenery of Peru's Andean Highlands to the Sacred Valley, your voyage concludes in Cusco — home to Inca ruins and magnificent Spanish-colonial architecture. Be in the midst of mountains and sweeping landscapes which were the home of ancient cultures. You will be traveling in comfort, but take a moment to ponder how the civilizations of old built their longstanding structures when much of Peru was wild, and certainly, unpaved.

This leisurely ride takes you from Aguas Calientes (the charming city near Machu Picchu) to the Sacred Valley's city of Cusco. What makes the journey part of the adventure is the sights and entertainment you'll experience onboard the Vistadome itself. This train boasts panoramic views from oversized windows that form an arch as they climb up to comprise part of the cieling. As for entertainment, if you're making a return/roundtrip, then you can anticipate:

  • A fashion show featuring creations made from alpaca wool (if you're making a return trip).

  • The opportunity to learn about Andean culture watch a live dance performance.

  • Refreshments, including a snack made from local ingredients and a complimentary beverage.

Please ensure that your on-board luggage must weigh no more than 11 pounds (5 kg), so a backpack or carry-on of 62 inches (157 cm) length, width, and height is advised. On-board luggage is an honour-based system; train attendants will not be checking the weight of each individual bag, so please adhere to this rule. For good measure, you are advised to leave the brunt of your luggage in hotel storage and retrieve it upon your return (if going round-trip). If this is a one-way trip, then oversized baggage must be transported via another train at a cost of US$1.80/kg (2.2 pounds). The maximum overflow luggage amount is 22 pounds or 10 kg.

The anticipation continues to build as your train drops you off at Ollantaytambo station — a mere 5 minutes from the historic Cusco city center! You wanted to see Peru? Well, this is your chance to really see it! Take the scenic route — let the world pass you by, and love every minute of it as you gaze out of the windows of the Vistadome. There's no need to worry about the time of year when you choose Vistadome Bimodal service.

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What to Bring

-Passport, camera, comfortable clothing.

What's included

-Vistadome train ride Aguas Calientes to Ollantaytambo

  • Bus ride from Ollantaytambo to Wanchaq (5 minutes from Cusco City Center).
  • Refreshments.
  • Onboard entertainment.


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