Arequipa Countryside Tour

Arequipa Countryside Tour

This tour takes you across different landscapes to several destinations that are interesting for either architectural or natural aesthetics. You’re likely to get views of nearby volcanoes as you move through the countryside from site to site.

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3 hrs
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North of Arequipa, Chilina is kept verdant by the Río Chili coursing through its fields. The river is lovely and bordered by farmed hills that crisscross the valley.

East of Arequipa, Paucarpata is an area crisscrossed another way, with bright green terraces dating back to before the Incas. The long terraces zigzag up the steep hillsides.

Molino Sabandía, or Mill Sabandía, is a particular highlight of the countryside tour. The mill stands southeast of Arequipa. Utilizing power from the adjacent (and very pretty) stream, the mill at one time ground grain into flour for people in the region. It was first built in 1621, later fell into disrepair, and was restored in 1973. The mechanics of the mill were restored, too, so you can watch it in action. The building is attractive, its simpler style offering contrast to the grand churches and colonnades you might see on city tours in Arequipa.

In Huasacache, you’ll visit the Palace of Goyeneche. First built in the 17th century, this mansion was later used by Jesuits during the Chilean occupation in the late 19th century. The house, next to the Río Socabaya, includes a church and has been renovated to accommodate tours.

Southwest of Arequipa, Tingo is a park with a small scenic lake. In the past, it was only for the upper class; today, it hosts a water park with several pools and food vendors. It’s interesting to see the hints of a more historic aesthetic adjacent to modern facilities. You might enjoy a few street foods here, including local types of donut and kebab.

Across the Río Chili from Tingo is the district of Sachaca. This little town has a compelling church from the 19th century. The small white building has an asymmetrical design, with a tower on one side.

There’s also a bridge on the tour—a big one. Referred to by some as the “Iron Bridge,” “Bolivar Bridge,” or “Eiffel Iron Bridge,” this was the longest bridge in the world when it was built in the late 19th century. If the name Eiffel rings a bell from the iconic Paris tower, the same Frenchman designed this bridge. It’s an impressive sight, and it offers a vantage point to see a fantastic vista.

What to Bring

Comfortable shoes, camera, and sunscreen.

What's included

Transportation and guide.


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