One Step At A Time – The Best Travel Tours in Arequipa, Peru

In the shadow of imposing mountains is where you'll find some of the top tours in Arequipa, Peru. In the Andean nation of Peru, you can practically touch the sky. You'll see what we mean when you watch birds coast over canyons, hike through mountains and past volcanoes, and make your way through the city one step at a time. This vacation, put down your phone and discover what 'roaming' really means…

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6 Things to Do in Arequipa

Arequipa City and Santa Catalina Monastery Tour, Peru
Arequipa City and Santa Catalina Monastery TourArequipa

Set in the foreground of the scenic El Misti Volcano, Arequipa’s white stone architecture is truly a sight to behold. This tour will introduce you to several of the city’s religious buildings – including the very special Santa Catalina Monastery – and take you to a few key lookout points to see the city of from above.

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Full-Day Colca Canyon, Peru
Full-Day Colca CanyonArequipa

Take this tour to spend a full day exploring the Colca Canyon and its surrounding villages. This is a breathtaking landscape, with one of the deepest canyons in the world, swooping Andean condors, and a patchwork of rich, green farmland.

Bird Watching
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Arequipa Countryside and Santa Catalina Tour, Peru
Arequipa Countryside and Santa Catalina TourArequipa

The city and surrounding countryside of Arequipa hold numerous fascinating sites, some natural, some manmade. This tour shows you a few of each, including the famous monastery in Arequipa.

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Arequipa Countryside Tour, Peru
Arequipa Countryside TourArequipa

This tour takes you across different landscapes to several destinations that are interesting for either architectural or natural aesthetics. You’re likely to get views of nearby volcanoes as you move through the countryside from site to site.

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Misti Volcano Trek 2 Days/1 Night, Peru
Misti Volcano Trek 2 Days/1 NightArequipa

Embark on this two-day, one-night trek to see some of the most breathtaking views near Arequipa. Although the terrain doesn’t require technical skill, the presence of ash and sand and the high altitude make it a more challenging hike. That being said, the landscape here is quite beautiful and worth the extra effort. You’ll sleep in a warm, comfortable tent, and have all your meals prepared by your guides and served in the dining tent. Travelers carry their own backpacks, but all the other equipment gets transported by porters.

Condor of Colca Canyon 3 day, 2 night Trip, Peru
Condor of Colca Canyon 3 day, 2 night TripChivay

The Colca Canyon is one of Peru’s hidden wonders. This canyon is twice as deep as the Grand Canyon in Arizona, but it’s still off the radar for most travelers. During this tour you’ll spend 3 days and 2 nights exploring the Colca Canyon.

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