Arequipa Tours and Activities

Arequipa tours and activities listing, a guide of excursions available while traveling in Arequipa
Visit Colca Canyon and experience one of the most challenging hikes in Arequipa. This two-day trek takes you through beautiful parts of the Colca Canyon, a chasm that’s twice as deep as the Grand Canyon and is flanked by extinct volcanoes. This hike is physically demanding—some portions cover 3,937 feet (12,000 m) in 3 hours—and parts of the paths are quite steep.
The Colca Canyon is one of Peru’s hidden wonders. This canyon is twice as deep as the Grand Canyon in Arizona, but it’s still off the radar for most travelers. During this tour you’ll spend 3 days and 2 nights exploring the Colca Canyon.
Set in the foreground of the scenic El Misti Volcano, Arequipa’s white stone architecture is truly a sight to behold. This tour will introduce you to several of the city’s religious buildings – including the very special Santa Catalina Monastery – and take you to a few key lookout points to see the city of from above.
The Colca Canyon is one of Peru’s most beautiful and dramatic areas. This canyon is twice as deep as the Grand Canyon and is scattered with mountains, rivers, and small villages. During this tour you’ll spend 2 days and 1 night exploring the Colca Canyon.
This tour takes you across different landscapes to several destinations that are interesting for either architectural or natural aesthetics. You’re likely to get views of nearby volcanoes as you move through the countryside from site to site.
Take this tour to spend a full day exploring the Colca Canyon and its surrounding villages. This is a breathtaking landscape, with one of the deepest canyons in the world, swooping Andean condors, and a patchwork of rich, green farmland.
Misti Volcano has an altitude of 5825 meters, it is located in the region of Arequipa, it is not a technical mountain, but nevertheless it is a stratum volcano with a presence of ash and sand. These characteristics increase the difficulty of this volcano to make it less easy, and so we advise any friends or clients, to trekking to Misti´s summit it is mostly a trek of altitude.
El Misti Volcano is the most popular symbol of the City of Arequipa, to speak about this volcano it is to speak about the Arequipeños and about their rich history. Thanks to this volcano and its acid eruptions (ashes), at present the City of Arequipa is provided with some of the richest grounds for agricultural activity, on the foot of the Misti Volcano there are rich valleys such as the Chilina Valley, which has been inhabited from before the arrival of the Spanish in 1540.