Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain 1 Day

Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain 1 Day

This tour allows you to experience beautiful views of the Palccoyo “Rainbow” Mountain. The colorful stripes on the mountain are layers of sediment exposed by erosion. How bright the colors appear depends on the weather — the colors can be more dull on cloudy or rainy days, but no matter what the conditions on the day of your tour there’s still plenty to see on this one-day trek.

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10 hrs
Available Days:
Every day
4:30 AM, 6:30 AM
Hotel Transport Included
Mobile Ticket Included
Offered in English, Spanish

During your hike, you’ll have the chance to see seven species of camelids, including llama, alpaca, guanaco, and vicuña. This area is also home to Andean deer. Turn your gaze skyward to look for Andean Condors, and if you’re especially lucky, you may catch a glimpse of a puma.


The evening before the tour, your group will meet with the guide to get complete trip details. At 6:00 AM, you’ll leave from Cusco in a private car. This journey takes you through Checacupe and Pitumarca, on a drive that lasts 3 hours. Eventually you’ll come to a dirt road and then stop for breakfast. After breakfast, the trek begins with about 90 minutes of hiking to reach the Mountain of Many Colors, which stands at 16,000 feet (4,900 m) above sea level. Once you’ve taken in the view, you’ll hike back down the mountain for a picnic lunch before returning to Cuco between 5:00 PM and 6:00 PM.


It's quite chilly on the mountain, so make sure to wear warm clothes.

What to Bring

Pills for altitude sickness, small water bottle (drinks are included with a box lunch), wind breaker, warm clothes, hat, scarf, gloves, comfortable walking shoes, sunglasses, and sun screen.

What's included

Round trip transportation, lunch or box lunch, entrance fees, and a bilingual guide. In case of group tour this transportation is shared.


Many of our tours and activities offer transportation pick up & drop off options from several locations and destinations. Options vary by tour, see “BOOKING REQUEST” for full details.

Traveler Comments

Our most favorite trip

- KATHY D, SEP 2019

So great! We were so tired, slept the whole van ride both ways haha. The mountains were incredible. Soo happy we went to the less popular one. Loved it.

- LAURA R, SEP 2019

I really enjoyed this tour, it was my favorite out of all the tours. I loved that we were one on one with the tour guide. He was super knowledgable about Peru, and gave us some amazing information.

This tour allows you to experience beautiful views of the Palccoyo “Rainbow” Mountain.Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain 1 Day38
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