Cusco Tours and Activities

Cusco tours and activities listing, a guide of excursions available while traveling in Cusco
This tour offers an alternative option to treks on the Inca Trail. Over the course of 5 days and 4 nights, you’ll hike across beautiful mountainous environments as you make your way towards the crown jewel of Peruvian archeology—Machu Picchu.
This romantic place is Manco Capac Palace which is a hotel built on what used to be a XIX century Peruvian republican mansion. Built on the foundations of Manco Capac’s original Palace, this sumptuous house is surrounded by authentic Inca platforms and located behind the San Cristobal Church. Part of the palace wall is still standing and only a few meters away from the hotel.
On this tour, you'll get to see one of the Andes' most breathtaking sights. In the native language of Quechua, Vinicunca means “seven color mountain.” It is also commonly referred to as “Rainbow Mountain” because of its striped pattern of red, green, and lavender. These colors come from different types of sediment and are due in part to the high altitude.
The Vistadome Train offers travelers a unique way to travel to Machu Picchu. The train has large panoramic windows that provide travelers with wonderful views of Peru's Sacred Valley. This train is, without a doubt, one of the best ways to experience this gorgeous landscape.
This half-day horseback riding tour brings you to some of the Inca archeological sites that surround Cusco. Your tour will take you to Sacsayhuamán, an enormous fort that survived battles between the Spanish and the Inca.
This zip lining trip takes you through the Sacred Valley, and you’ll see a ravine, a river, and the P’acchayoc Canyon. You’ll get to zip across 4 different lines, of different lengths and heights.
On the Cusco Culinary Experience tour, a Peruvian chef will show you how to make some of Peru’s best-known dishes. Choose between a 9 a.m. lunch class and a 3 p.m. dinner class. Both classes include an appetizer, a main course, and a dessert. You’ll also get two traditional drinks (one non-alcoholic and one cocktail). All of the instructions are easy enough for beginner chefs.
The Cusco region has many of its most interesting destinations folded into the pockets of the Sacred Valley. Take a tour Chinchero, Maras, and Moray for a full day of sightseeing some of the most striking innovations of the native Andeans.
This 4-day, 3-night tour provides travelers with a comprehensive experience on the Inca Trail. You’ll hike for several days, passing Inca archeological sites and enjoying stunning views before arriving at your final destination—the sacred city of Machu Picchu.
This service is very important for all trekking which will last more than 2 days. During that briefing guide or representative will reply all last minute questions regarding the route. Guide will deliver all the necessary entrance tickets or train tickets or permission needed for the trail. Usually it takes place one day before at the lobby of your hotel at 19:30, but it can be arranged in another place and different time according to your itinerary.
This tour allows you to experience beautiful views of the Palccoyo “Rainbow” Mountain. The colorful stripes on the mountain are layers of sediment exposed by erosion. How bright the colors appear depends on the weather — the colors can be more dull on cloudy or rainy days, but no matter what the conditions on the day of your tour there’s still plenty to see on this one-day trek.
Machu Pichu’s vast ruins have a distinctly Inca layout. Scholars have discovered that many of the site’s buildings have astrological significance. With a design inspired by the stars, Machu Picchu has an implacable hold on the imagination of everyone who tours it.
The Expedition is a comfortable and attractive train that travelers can take through the Sacred Valley to Machu Picchu. Riding the Expedition is one of the best possible ways to see Peru's beautiful Sacred Valley. \Operates everyday from May to December.
During its lifetime, Machu Picchu saw the rise and the fall of the Inca Empire. Machu Picchu was built in the 15th century, just before the Spanish arrived and took control of the surrounding region. Touring the vast complex of agricultural, residential, and religious buildings, it becomes clear Machu Picchu was a world unto itself, the busy last chapter of an accomplished civilization.
This 2-day, 1-night tour offers travelers an excellent introduction to the Inca Trail and Machu Picchu. You’ll take the train to and from Cusco, hike along a section of the Inca Trail towards the Wiñay Wayna archeological site, and explore Machu Picchu. What more could you ask for?
Cusco is a modern city coexisting with an ancient and dramatic past. In the ruins surrounding the city, you’ll see the remnants of a complex belief system and highly-sophisticated engineering.
The “Planetarium Cusco” is probably the most original planetarium in the world. It is located only 15 minutes away from downtown Cusco. We are a cultural interpretation center of Incan astronomy (a star museum), a Planetarium of southern skies and an amateur observatory, surrounded by an incredible natural environment. All merged into one experience. A two-hour experience is arranged, with the information on the ancient view of the Incan Empire about the universe. Also a workshop about constellations is given, that will give you some keys to start stargazing.
On this tour you’ll travel from Cusco to Puno on a comfortable bus and make stops at several interesting sites along the way. The whole tour lasts about nine hours.
The peaks of the Salkantay and Humantay mountains tower on either side of the Humantay Lagoon. These snow capped mountains melt and add to the waters of the Humantay Lagoon.
Between January 2 and April 30, 2018, PeruRail will operate the Bimodal Service (Bus + Train), a service that combines bus and train travel, departing and returning to Cusco City. Passengers using the Expedition bimodal service (\33) board a private bus at Wanchaq Station, 5 minutes away from Cusco’s historic center, and arrive to Ollantaytambo Station. From here, passengers board the train and head to their final destination: Machu Picchu Station. The return journey is the same in reverse (Expedition 34).
Between January 2 and April 30, 2018, PeruRail will operate the Bimodal Service (Bus + Train), a service that combines bus and train travel, departing and returning to Cusco City. Passengers using the Vistadome bimodal service (Vistadome 31 & 203) board a private bus at Wanchaq Station, 5 minutes away from Cusco’s historic center, and arrive to Ollantaytambo Station. From here, passengers board the train and head to their final destination: Machu Picchu Station. The return journey is the same in reverse (Vistadome 32 & 604).
Get closer to Andean traditions with this ceremony in the midst of a beautiful landscape. These religious practices predated the Inca, and have survived for many thousands of years. The ritual culminates with a three-part ritual. By the end of the ceremony, practitioners should feel filled with a strong positive energy.
Choquequirao, the sacred sister city of Machu Picchu, is a magic Inca city located South West from Cusco, between Cusco Department and Apurimac Department in Peru, if you are searching other option instead of the Inca Trail to Machupicchu, this is a place to go. You have 5 exciting trekking days, combining the different altitudes of the Peruvian Highlands with variety of Flora and Fauna.
Have you ever dreamed of traveling through the Peruvian Andes on a train modeled on the Pullman cars of the 1920s The Belmond Hiram Bingham train not only makes this possible, it turns a magical journey into an unforgettable experience, with personalized service that takes care of every last detail on your trip. Travel on the exclusive and luxurious Belmond Hiram Bingham train and enjoy the elegant dining car, the bar car, and the observatory\, where you can take in the unmatched scenery in the open air while sipping on a traditional Peruvian cocktail and listening to live local music.
The Amaru Community is a unique and small Andean village, whose villagers welcome visitors with native music and beautiful native flowers decoration at the entrance of their houses. Besides a symbolic offering to Mother Earth or Pachamama, as a gratitude for daily life, food abundance, harmony, peace and the opportunity of meeting brothers from different cultures they are great masters in the art of weaving under a unique and authentic tradition from their ancestors.
This fast-paced tour takes you to some the Sacred Valley’s most interesting archeological sites. The ATV bikes are fun and easy to use, and allow visitors to cover a lot of scenic territory in the course of an afternoon.
This luxurious 7-day trek to Machu Picchu allows you to have an unforgettable trekking experience in between stays in luxurious lodges that include perks like massages and Jacuzzis. Guides carry the bulk of your supplies and handle all of the meal preparations — while you hike, all you need to to focus on is the views and adjusting the tremendous altitude. Dinners include wine pairings and the cooks are ready to cater to your special requests.
Besides the sprawling Inca ruins, this tour also takes you through a surprising variety of ecosystems — 15 in total, including steamy plateaus, altitudes as high as 15,000 feet (4,572 m), and tranquil mountaintop lakes. With so many different types of terrain, you’ll never get the chance to get tired of the view. Besides scenery, you’ll also have the chance to to experience Andean culture, in villages where locals live much as they did when the Inca ruled the mountains.
On this luxury train ride to Machu Picchu you’ll get to speed through the pastoral beauty of the Sacred Valley. First you’ll take a 4-hour train ride, and then a 30-minute bus ride up the side of the mountain. On they train voyage you’ll get to eat, drink, and enjoy live music.
Urubamba River has dramatic scenery. As you raft down the river, the surrounding mountain slopes will make you feel tiny and in awe of the valley. The Inca considered this river to be sacred, and boating down the river is an exciting introduction to the landscape.
This two-day excursion takes you to see the colorful mountain of Vinicunca, also known as “Rainbow Mountain.” Stripes of brightly colored sediment transform the mountainside into the most striking piece of terrain in the Andes. National Geographic ranked Vinicunca as one of the 100 places you must visit before you die.
This tour is for all people who love birds and want to have an unforgettable experience observing different species of migratory and endemic birds of Peru. The Huacarpay lagoon is the right place for bird watching since it is located 30 kilometers south of the city of Cusco. It is a wetland designated as a Ramsar site on September 23, 2006, it is estimated that there are more in the area 70 species of birds, also variety of arthropods, mammals and fish, since it is an ecosystem with great biological diversity, during most of the year.
Gaston Acurio is widely credited with putting Peruvian food on the map. His cooking style elevates Andean cooking styles to haute cuisine. He opened his first restaurant in Lima in 1994, and since then has opened restaurants all over the world and has published several books on Peruvian cooking.
Take a tour to combine the very best of Peruvian food and adventure. Your dining experience will take place in a transparent dome, suspended 1,312 feet (400 m) in the air, securely fastened to a cliff that looks out over the Sacred Valley. This dining experience is open to a maximum of 12 people, so you and your fellow guests will have enough room to take in the incredible view.
From the bountiful forests and coasts of the Mediterranean to the Andean woodlands and the magical lakes and mighty rivers of our highlands, Incanto is like an Italian traveler who has fallen in love with Peru, merging his culture with our customs, our ingredients, and our special way of life. A relaxed Cusco-style trattoria where families, couples, and groups of friends can gather around a good pasta, a fabulous South American wine, a casual after-dinner chat, and all the hallmarks of Italian-American culture. Italian techniques and local ingredients, together with all the affection and magic that a table with good food has to offer.
Private bus to Ollantaytambo. The bus departs from the Costa del Sol Hotel in Cusco towards the private parking lot of Inca Rail in Ollantaytambo. Upon arrival to the private parking lot of Inca Rail in Ollantaytambo, a member of our team will guide you to the train station (100 meters away) to board the train where you will enjoy a healthy on-board menu. In this way you’ll spend more time in the Citadel.
On this tour you’ll spend a day exploring the great variety of attractions the Sacred Valley of the Inca has to offer. In the marketplace at Pisac you’ll have the opportunity to buy crafts made by Peruvian artisans. Then you’ll visit the valley itself, and hike through an Inca ruin in one of the nearby mountains.