Caral the Missing Link Private Tour

Caral the Missing Link Private Tour

On this private tour you will travel outside of Lima to see the ruins of one of the oldest cities in the world – the only older ruins are in Mesopotamia. Caral was built around 5,000 years ago. Archaeologists have found artifacts here that indicate these people practiced agriculture, and their artwork suggests they knew about the existence of animals that lived in far-away jungles. During your visit here you will walk in the footsteps of the first city-dwellers in the Americas.

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12 hrs
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6:30 AM
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Your tour will begin when you set off from Lima for a drive up the Pacific coast. This drive will take you through the coastal towns of Chancay, Huacho, Huaura and Supe. Along the way your guide will pick out a good place for you take a break and visit some of the local shops.

When you arrive at the ruins your initial guide will introduce you to your Caral tour guide. Your first guide will be able to translate for the local guide, and offer additional insights into the ruins. The tour highlights include the Altar of the Holy Fire and the Grand Temple. From the ruins you can see the mountains on the other side of this coastal dessert.

Caral is a large complex of 1,546 acres (646 ha). It is best known for its sunken, circular plazas. The main plaza has 6 pyramids clustered around a plaza. Templo Mayor, also called “The Grand Temple” in English, is the largest temple in the city and has the largest base of any temple in Peru. In its prime it was an incredibly imposing structure.

When you’re done admiring the ruins your tour will return to Lima. On the way you’ll stop in either Huaral or Huacho for lunch.

Attraction Visited

Lost Pyramid of Caral

Caral is situated on the dry desert plateau overlooking the green valley of the Supe River. Approximately two and a half hours from Lima, Caral is unique because of its non-violent history and claim to be the second oldest ruin in the world.

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What to Bring

Bottled water, comfortable walking shoes, hat, sunglasses, sunblock, light clothing, and a jacket.

What's included

Transportation, admission fee, lunch, guided tour, and introductory video.


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