The Sacred Citadel of Pachacamac

The Sacred Citadel of Pachacamac

Experience Pachacámac, a complex that was once hailed as an all-important oracle during pre-Columbian times. Tours of Pachacámac include visits to the on-site museum, pyramids, and temples.

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Pachacámac is located 19 miles (31 km) south of Lima. This sprawling complex of adobe pyramids was once home to the most respected oracle in the Andes. Inca empires came here for consultation on important decisions. Indeed, in the Quechua language Pachacámac means “Lord of the World.” Archeologists have identified 17 pyramids, several temples, frescos, and a cemetery.

While visiting Pachacámac, you can see a replica of the original idol in the museum. You’ll also come across the ongoing excavations of the main temples and pyramids. Climb to the top of Temple of the Sun and you’ll get good views of the surrounding area. You’ll also tour the Palace of the Virgins of the Sun, which was built by the Inca for holy women.

Finally, this tour includes a visit to Lima’s bohemian district of Barranco. The tour lasts 3.5 hours.

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The temple of Pachacamac is an archaeological site set 25 miles (40 km) southeast of Lima. It was the most important pilgrimage center in ancient Peru. Its central location brought the Moche, Nasca, Huari, Itchma, and Inca cultures down to the Lurin Valley where it meets the Pacific Ocean.

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What to Bring

Camera, sunscreen, and comfortable clothes.

What's included

Guide, transportation, and entrance fees.


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Traveler Comments

An interesting start to the trip the the guide explained all about the site and its importance, may not have had the same impact at the end of the trip after seeing other sites.

- KEN S, SEP 2015
Experience Pachacámac, a complex that was once hailed as an all-important oracle during pre-Columbian times.The Sacred Citadel of Pachacamac6
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