Aerodiana Pisco Nazca Total

Aerodiana Pisco Nazca Total

There is much more to the Nazca Desert than the Nazca Lines. Nazca and Paracas culture spread throughout the surrounding valleys, and the artifacts they left behind are still being uncovered today. On this tour, you’ll get to view the entire landscape the ancient Nazca inhabited.

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Departing from Pisco, your plane will fly southeast to the Nazca Desert. From your window, you can admire the Nazca Lines in their entirety – an impossible feat for tourists on the ground. Spread out over a plateau, the designs cover 280 square miles (450 km). Seeing the lines from a plane ensures that you’ll get to see a wide variety of these huge designs, the largest of which spans 935 feet (285 m).

But these deserts and valleys have histories much older than the Nazca. Over the course of the 1 hour and 35 minute tour, you will pass over the valleys of Ocucaje, Santa Cruz, Palpa, Viscas, and Ingenio. Ocucaje Valley is now recognized as a treasure trove for marine fossils. Over 40 million years ago, the Ocucaje valley was under the sea. Recently archaeologists have discovered the fossilized bones of enormous sea creatures, including the famous 50-foot megalodon shark. Full of sand, dust and high winds, the Ocucaje Valley is not a welcoming place. Viewed from the comfort of an airplane, you will have the chance to survey a landscape that has undergone the most dramatic change possible.

This tour allows you to see a huge swath of the Peruvian desert, all in the course of an afternoon. These captains are experienced pilots and know the area extremely well. They steer the plane to make sure you get a good view of the famous glyphs. From a great height, you’ll take in the ancient history and the stunning scenery of the Nazca Desert in one, breathtaking swoop.

Attraction Visited

Nazca Lines

Known by professionals as “geoglyphs,” the Nazca Lines always provoke a strong reaction in visitors to the area. Giant illustrations of plants and animals spread out over 280 square miles (450 km) of desert plateau in Peru’s southern lowlands. No one has yet proposed a compelling explanation for their placement or their location. There are approximately 70 designs—the most famous and frequently photographed of these designs are the monkey, the spider, and the hummingbird. Other illustrations depict fish, killer whales, lizards, and sharks. Some of the designs have dimensions as large as 660 feet (220 m).

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What to Bring

Camera and sunglasses.

What's included

Airplane tour.The round trip transfer is included. IMPORTANT NOTICE: The exat time departure will depend on the weather conditions and your reservation order and your time departure requested, but you will be notified the night before. ================== IT DOES NOT INCLUDE: Pisco Airport tax USD 6.0 per person + New Tourist Tax S/.47.00 per person. Both must be paid on site.


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Traveler Comments

Amazing Flight. The Nazca lines were more visible than we expected.


Cesar did a great job adding last minute for us .

There is much more to the Nazca Desert than the Nazca Lines.Aerodiana Pisco Nazca Total10
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